Executive Director

Kathmandu, Nepal 7/20/2021 - 8/3/2021

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  • Kathmandu, Nepal

Summary of Position

Terms of Reference

Position: Executive Director

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Responsible to: Chair, NLR Nepal Board

Eligibility: Nepalese Nationals only


NLR, as an INGO, has been active in Nepal, for the treatment and elimination of leprosy working closely with the government, ministry of health and population for more than 40 years.  NLR is now in a transition process to be a national organisation from an international organisation with a vision of Leprosy Free Nepal.  

NLR Nepal has been registered as a not-for-profit national organisation  under Company Registration Act of Nepal in 2018. It is  a member of NLR Alliance led by NLR Netherlands. The other NLR Alliance members are NLR India, NLR Indonesia, NLR Brazil and NLR Mozambique.  NLR Netherlands as a lead/chair is responsible for overall co-ordination, providing technical and financial support to leprosy and disability programmes in member countries including Nepal

NLR Nepal works closely with the government and non-government stakeholders and partners to eradicate leprosy from the country and to make all development initiatives inclusive to people affected by leprosy and disability. NLR Nepal consists of 20 staff members and located at Sankhamul Marga, New Baneshwor Kathmandu with its field offices in Biratnagar and Dhangadhi covering two provinces: province one and Sudur Pashchim Pradesh.


Main Responsibilities

The position of Executive Director is the senior most one of NLR Nepal and leads the role in delivering the activities. The Executive Director has the primary responsibility to lead and drive NLR Nepal with innovation and developing the organisation equipped with good systems and procedures, and ensuring its sustainability through resources raising both internally and externally. Whilst setting up the organisation, the Executive Director will build a network of partners in order to make NLR Nepal’s programs effective. The Executive Director will have overall responsibility for leadership, people management, program innovation and growth, fund raising and financial management including the overall management of the organization.

The organisation is in a transition process in which the NLR (INGO) Country Office and the national NLR  Nepal co-exists  for the time being. During this phase, activities, responsibilities and staff will be gradually handed over to the national organisation NLR Nepal, until the full handover is effected which is expected to have successfully completed on 31st December 2021 and the NLR Country Office discontinued from 1st January 2022. The ED reports primarily to the Chair of NLR Nepal Board for all the work being done in the country and to the Director of Programs of NLR International for the work related to NLR International Country Office. However, once the full handover is taken by the NLR Nepal and the hybrid governance does not exit, the CD reports to Chairperson of NLR Nepal only.

Specific Responsibilities

Strategic Leadership

  • Provides strategic vision and direction to enable the development of NLR Nepal and the achievement of agreed targets
  • Is responsible for NLR Nepal staff, resources, programs and relationships
  • Develops new ideas, guide innovations and scale up
  • Leads the organization towards the accomplishment of predefined objectives


The General Management of the Organizations

  • Will be in charge of and responsible for the functioning of the organizations in all its aspects ensuring proper management of all the projects in the remit of the organizations
  • Will adhere to the laws and regulations and to the technical guidelines from the respective ministries so far as they remain pertinent to the functioning of the projects of the organizations
  • Is responsible for a proper allocation of funds to the different projects
  • Produces annual plans, budgets and reports for NLR and the Board timely
  • Ensures that the physical infrastructure of the organizations is adequate, well maintained and safe
  • Sees to it that all office equipment are up to date and properly maintained
  • Will be responsible for leading and supervising the development and delivery of high quality, innovative, cost effective and sustainable programmatic and clinical interventions.
  • Will assess the effectiveness of the delivery of the services to the targeted stakeholders
  • Will be responsible for leading technically on quality services delivery, documentation and dissemination of innovation and good practices


Representation of the Organizations

  • Officially represents the organizations in contacts with authorities like Ministry of Health, ILEP and NLR-Alliance members and national and international bodies on technical, programmatic as well as organizational issues
  • Participates in technical, programmatic as well as organizational meetings related to the work of the organizations
  • Ensures effective collaboration and coordination with stakeholders, partners and Government-departments at all levels ranging from international to national
  • Ensures that contracts with external parties are properly prepared and monitored



  • Actively participates in the Round Table of NLR Alliance and ensures the input in the RT meetings is based on the input of the NLR Nepal Board
  • Creates a working mechanism ensuring the organization actively participates in NLR Alliance programs and activities
  • Maintains a proper working relationship with the Board and its Chair
  • Prepares and organizes Board Meetings in co-operation with the Chair of the Board


Human Resource Management

The Executive Director will ensure that qualified and motivated staff are employed and their employment complies with the guidelines and standards of the organizations. To this purpose, he/she will:

  • Supervise and guide the staff and/or coach project leaders and supervisors in the effective management and implementation of their projects / teams
  • Ensure that for each staff member job descriptions are appropriate and up to date
  • Regularly assess staff performance through standard staff performance procedures
  • Elaborate professional development plans for staff
  • Supervise and mentor staff, coach and facilitate their professional development including the development of annual work plan and objectives
  • Conduct regular review of program performance and address the challenges arise in consultation with NLR Nepal board, International Office and relevant stakeholders


Financial Management

The Executive Director will ensure that the financial and administrative procedures and regulations will be properly maintained. For this he/she will:  

  • Make sure that the organization has up to date financial policy and actively implemented
  • Establish good internal control system and actively monitor the financial reports adhering to compliance requirements of the government of Nepal are adhered
  • Produce annually the required documentation and justification of the organization’s activities as per regulations of the Nepal Rastra Bank and other Federal Government Institutions
  • Be responsible for maintenance of a proper and transparent administrative and financial system, in compliance with national and international standards and donor requirements;
  • Ensure a timely flow of funds to the projects based on quarterly reporting
  • Ensure all relevant staff are adequately trained in financial management and that they can follow the donor’s rules and regulations. 
  • Arrange for a proper internal auditing of the office- and projects- administration.


Program Management

The Executive Director will effectuate that all projects within the remit of the organizations and the NLR programme are in line with the general NLR Alliance and NLR Nepal strategy and policy making sure that they completely adhere to NLR Nepal Project Management Cycle. To this purpose he /she will:

  • Develop a framework for planning, monitoring and evaluation of the projects and ensures that there is a proper project-management system to meet the requirements of partners and donors
  • Ensure that the organisation’s project documents, procedures and processes are in place
  • Arrange for and participate in the regular monitoring of the projects to assess progress and compliance to approved Plans of Activities and allocated budgets
  • Assist projects with the formulation of annual Plans of Activities and related budget requests
  • Verify and screen Reports from all projects and take remedial action when and where required;
  • Arrange for project reviews and evaluations
  • Stimulate exchange of experience between (NLR Nepal supported) projects through suitable mechanisms such as annual meetings, peer review systems or similar activities;
  • Develop and maintain relevant national and international networks, actively seeking support for the programme and publicity;
  • Arrange timely for the preparation of new long-term project agreements.



The Executive Director will ensure the financial sustainability of the organization with a vision by building a network of relevant agencies for resource raising. For this he/she will:

  • Ensures that the organization has fundraising strategies and mechanism in place and engages in its active implementation
  • Network, collaborate and build professional/institutional relationships with Government institutions, donor agencies, I/NGOs and corporate sector nationally and internationally to explore partnership and funding possibilities. 
  • Represents as an ambassador of NLR in national and global platforms 
  • Explores the partnership opportunities for long term funding for NLR Nepal.


Addition: Successful Completion of Transition

In addition to the terms of reference mentioned above, the Executive Director will ensure that all the transition processes and actions have been completed and NLR Nepal functions independently by taking over fully from the beginning of the year 2022 in line with the NLR Alliance agreement.  


  • Master degree from recognized and reputed university. 
  • At least ten years’ experience in an I/NGO environment preferably in public health, leprosy and/or disability sector.
  • Verifiable and successful track record in leading role for organisational development.
  • Outstanding skill and proven track record with demonstrable results in institutional fundraising.
  • Extensive management experience and skill in overall organisational management.
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional relational skills with proven ability to sustain the relations with host-country counterparts and representative stakeholders such as NGOs,  private sector and other donors.
  • Competent and proficient understanding of national and international platforms.
  • Ability to build performing/functional relationships with district health offices, Ministry of Health Directorates, and institutions that implement activities across technical areas and at facility and community levels.
  • Ability to use technology friendly work procedures to establish digitalised records in the organization.
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and writing.
  • Ability to travel frequently.



  • Visionary and inspiring leadership.
  • Result-oriented performance.
  • Strategic and good decision making skills/ability.
  • Ability to use flexible approach.
  • Ability to work independently to meet the deadlines. 
  • Well organized, communicative and excellent interpersonal working attitude.
  • Keen interest in taking initiative for change and collaborating in a team.
  • Strong skills in networking and advocacy. 
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written) in English and Nepali language


Terms and conditions

  • Salary & work conditions: Competitive, matching with the NLR Nepal grading system and remunerations.  

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