Development Program Specialist

Kathmandu 1/31/2018 - 2/14/2018

Position Details

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  • Bachelors(Undergraduate)
  • Government & Defense
  • Kathmandu

Summary of Position



Job Summary / Responsibilities:

  • The incumbent will serve as USAID’s key Foreign Service National (FSN) interlocutor with the Government of Nepal (GON), particularly the Ministry of Finance and the National Planning Commission, responsible for liaising and negotiating with senior ministry officials. As the key interlocutor with the GON, the incumbent will provide expert level advice and guidance to USAID/Nepal’s Senior Leadership Team.   
  • The incumbent will lead the task of coordination with the GON to ensure that USAID’s portfolio is well coordinated with the host government and that all necessary actions are completed to ensure timely and continued funding for USAID activities. A key component of the position is to effectively communicate to the GON how USAID programs align with shared bilateral development priorities. This entails working with USAID staff and Implementing Partners (IPs) to ensure adequate coordination mechanisms are in place with relevant line ministries.
  • Given the unprecedented shift of the locus of governance from the national to the provincial and local levels through the federalization process, the incumbent will advise and provide expert guidance to USAID/Nepal’s Senior Leadership Team on shifts in policies and practices, particularly on delegation of fiscal authority and its implications for USAID programs. The incumbent will also assist USAID/Nepal’s five technical offices in their engagement with line ministries and sub-national government authorities and will help the Mission respond to issues that arise during the federalization process. Additionally, the incumbent will support USAID technical offices in developing, negotiating, implementing, and monitoring government-to-government assistance programs and ensuring compliance with USAID and Mission policies on government-to-government programming.
  • The incumbent will also provide expert political and socioeconomic analysis to inform program design and implementation; and will serve as the Mission’s alternate budget specialist, supporting USAID/Nepal’s budget planning and management processes.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in economics, public policy, business administration, or related field.   
  • A minimum of five years of full-time employment in a relevant role (e.g., working with the Government of Nepal, donors, development project implementation, political or economic analysis).  Demonstrated experience using political or economic analysis to support development-related programming is required.   
  • USAID Programming Foreign Assistance, Project Design and Management, Evaluation for Evaluation Specialists.     
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct economic analysis is required. Knowledge of Government of Nepal procedures related to budget preparation and management is required, as well as prior working experience related to economic development, donor coordination, and development planning.

    Application Method

    A detailed job description for the position can be obtained by visiting USAID/Nepal website at  or by requesting USAID/Nepal Human Resources Office.

    Interested and eligible applicants should submit a cover letter and a resume - not to exceed 3 pages - and any other documentation that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed in the full job description.  Please provide names of three references and their contact numbers and email addresses as well.  Please send your application to the attention of USAID/Nepal, Human Resources Office, U.S Embassy Maharajgunj, G.P.O. Box. 295, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Applications may be sent electronically to: [email protected]

    OPENING DATE:                January 31, 2018

    CLOSING DATE:                February 14, 2018 – 5:00 P.M Kathmandu time

    Note : To apply please follow the above instructions