Capacity Building, Monitoring and Advocacy Officer

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kathmandu 2/12/2018 - 2/18/2018

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Summary of Position

The project will address cause and effect of the issue of Chhaupadi through raising awareness and increasing empowerment. The project will work at the community, district and national levels. At the community level, it will first work with women’s and adolescent girls’ groups, making them aware that Chhaupadi is a gender-based discrimination; orienting them about women’s human rights; and helping them develop skills in advocacy, discussions and dialogue. Second, the project will target male supporting groups, key traditional healers, priests, community based organisations and civil societies, mobilising them to create awareness on women’s human rights, gender and how the practice of Chhaupadi has negative impacts on women, girls and also on their families. The community groups then will lead anti Chhaupadi practice campaigns in their villages. The project will also seek help from the district level stakeholders to implement and monitor, using the national Chhaupadi Guideline 2007. From the district level, the project will work in influencing at national policy level, working closely with various women’s networks and the national media.

The project has following four key objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the demerits of Chhaupadi in the community and empower women and girls in the project area to fight against it.
  • Build capacity of and mobilize civil societies, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), networks, media, community based organisations, Female Community
  • Health Volunteers (FCHVs), male supporting groups, traditional institutions (traditional healers and priests) in the project area
  • Promote evidence-based policy advocacy to influence policies and their implementation to eliminate Chhaupadi practice.
  • Declare Chhaupadi free villages (documentation and dissemination of lessons learnt).


Major Responsibilities:

The CBAO is a responsible to capacitate field based project team based on project’s objective, activities and outcome and provide meaningful support on program implementation, monitoring and reporting by ensuring the quality of AWON ongoing project. The detail responsibilities of this position are as follows:

 Capacity Development Plan Design, Implementation and Support to Project Activities

  • Develop and implement the capacity building plan to “Elimination of Chhaupadi Practice in Karnali” project and carry out all the capacity building activities according to plan.
  • Take a lead role on implementing the project’s training and capacity building activities and at community level, district level and national level.

    Monitoring and evaluation

  • Ensure that the project activities are delivered on time, to agreed budgets and to the standards set by project.
  • Be updated with regular monitoring of each activity, their workflow, methodology and process.
    Communication, Coordination and Reporting
  • Collect the all relevant information from fields, district and partner organization and make updated Project Manager and Executive Manager (if necessary) about the project progress and status of project activities on monthly basis.
  • Ensure and necessary follow the periodic reporting structure is functional as per reporting plan from Community Facilitator to district, district to Kathmandu and compile the information from local level to national level progress and prepare the monitoring and project management information report and submit to Executive Manager in consultation with Project Manager in monthly basis.

  • Support to develop the capacity development plan of other projects if require.
  • Perform any other job related work as advised by the Project Manager and Executive Manager.

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Application Method

Please send in your application with an updated CV to no later than February 18, 2018